Mark Patent's Life Story

Mark was born in 1952 to a family of particularly intuitive people in Eastern Europe. His relatives casually talked in his youth that for generations some folks in his family were known to have very strong natural abilities to heal people by applying their own biological energy. They talked how this energy was usually concentrated in their hands and applied to superficial wounds, sick or damaged organs, and in some cases even penetrating the tangible world and into people’s minds, healing them of psychological ailments. From his early years Mark felt connection to this part of his family. With time he developed his potential and it became clear that genetically these unique properties had been transferred to Mark as well.

Since his early childhood, Mark was able to sense the auras around people and animals. In his teenage years his interest in understanding the nature of his abilities grew - he read books about other people with similar gifts and began learning how to harness his energy to heal wounds and stop pain. He gained experience in concentrating bio-electromagnetic energy within his own body, and channeling it down through his hands into other living objects. It is a law of nature that energy can be transferred. Anything that is alive and is not healthy becomes naturally receptive to positive energy. When Mark opens up his chakras and in his mind forms the intention of guiding his energy into, whatever it is, that he has his hands on, that unhealthy being begins to receive his energy.

Mark further advanced his very unique natural abilities through researching the science and art of acupuncture reflexology and other ancient theories from many regions of the world were people have been using different forms of reflexology in some cases as far back as 2300 B.C. He has been accumulating and integrating this knowledge and today it forms a solid foundation of his practice.

But back in the seventies and eighties Mark lived under a communist regime where it was very difficult to openly practice his gifts. So he decided to develop his other passion - in 1974 Mark graduated with a degree in architecture from Belarusian National Technical University and began a career as an architect. In 1989 he emigrated to America and successfully continued working as an architect up to 2009 when he took early retirement. Over these years he still had a fascination with alternative medicine and readily treated a small circle of friends and family but, he thought, he would not be actively expanding outside of this circle partially because he believed that widespread overreliance on western medicine and corporate pharmacology did not leave room for people like him to build a successful practice.

But after his retirement from architecture as he had more free time and as more and more people started approaching Mark asking for help, he gradually realized that there are many people that need his help, many people who understand the benefits of alternative healthcare practices and who exhausted their western treatment options. In 2010 “Patent Energy, Inc.” was born.

Since that time, Mark diagnosed and successfully treated hundreds of people (as well as animals on occasion), often those who could not receive a proper diagnoses and adequate help from conventional healthcare providers. His patients get back the lost sense of balance, peace and well being, as well as feel greater levels of energy, vitality and mental clarity.